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The Future
The Future

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Our people-centered approach helps you make effective, outcome-driven business decisions in the midst of ambiguity, clashing priorities, and the ever-increasing options available to you. Ultimately, we help you define the future instead of reacting to it in the present.

Outside Insights

At Bowie-Teiko, we specialize in the soft skills that drive hard business results. Even with all of our practical and exacting in-the-field experience with financial analysis and forecasting for some of the world’s largest global pharmaceutical companies and banking institutions, we’ve found that oftentimes listening to employees gives us all of the information we need to know how to move forward with a plan that either cuts cost, increases productivity and profit, or both. We can achieve results that your leadership team hasn’t been able to with soft skills because our biases are not the same. When you work with the same people, challenges, and possible solutions day after day, you simply become blind to small changes in the situation that highlight the best decisions for you.

Outside Insights
Outside Insights

International Vision
International Vision

International Vision

What we bring to the table is a perspective informed by top-level information technology and financial strategy with the world’s top firms, on an international level. 18 years of international living, travel and business experience with today’s top companies lets us identify problems you wouldn’t even classify as problems, leading to solutions that engage your people and organizational talents to the highest level. Bowie-Teiko is about having a bold new vision of your future and aligning your people, processes and resources towards the objectives that matter most – while streamlining your organization for maximum efficiency at the same time. Don’t you think it’s time to try something new?

Advisory Services

  • Cost optimization
  • Fixed cost reduction
  • Workforce strategy and planning
  • Employee engagement
  • Organizational change management
  • Vetting of IT project and business initiative financials
  • P&L impact analysis
  • Succession Planning
  • General business advisory

Advisory Services
Advisory Services

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